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3/33 Terminus Street
Castle Hill NSW 2154

Phone: 02 9894 8170


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Monday - Sunday

5.30pm - 10pm



We are open for lunch on special occasions that we will announce on our landing page. Otherwise, lunch must be booked in advance and only available with a booking of a minimum of 20 people. A deposit must be placed to confirm the booking.

Dine In Menu


7 Betel Leaves with Salmon (4pcs)
A refreshing Thai appetiser of smoked salmon, fresh lemongrass, grated coconut, cubes of red onion, topped with peanuts and chilli, and drizzled with lemon juice served on betel leaves. A wonderful flavour explosion – eat leaf and all.


14 Tom KhaGai (Chicken)
Experience the balance of this fantastic sweet and sour soup. Mushrooms and tender chicken breast are gently poached and a mild coconut broth infused with lemongrass.
Entrée $9.9 / Main $19.5
15 Tom Kha Ling Fish Fillet
Slices of tender fish and mushrooms are gently poached in a mild coconut broth infused with lemongrass. Experience the harmonies of this beautiful sweet and sour soup.
Entrée $9.9 / Main $19.5


19 Grilled Prawn Salad – Yum Goong
Drizzled with a creamy spiced dressing of chilli jam, lime sauce and coconut milk, this magnificent salad is tasty with its sliced cucumber, lemongrass, red onion, coriander, spring onion, red chilli and topped with grilled marinated prawns.


23 BBQ Tiger Prawn
Fresh off the grill. Served on the side with stir-fry of seasonal vegetables and a chilli-lime-garlic dipping sauce

Chef's Table

25 Tiger Prawn Under The Moon
A stir-fry of tiger prawns with a magical sauce of lime leaves and peppercorn, garlic, chilli and seasonal vegetables combined with a sweet savoury oyster sauce.
26 Chu Chee Tiger Prawn
Grilled tiger prawns are simmered in a Chu Chee curry, lime leaves, green beans and baby corn.


  Select your choice of Vegetables, Meat or Seafood:
  Vegetables Only
  Tofu and Vegetables
  Roast duck
  Tiger Prawn
  Ling fish fillet


38 Garlic & Pepper
39 Chili Basil
40 Ginger & Shallot Sauce
42 Lime leaf & Peppercorn (Hot)
45 Satay Sauce


46 Panang Curry
A rich blend of spices and wonderful sauce. Perfectly accompanied with seasonal vegetables, sliced kaffir lime leaves and red chillies.
47 Green Curry
A winning dish, with fragrant green curry paste, coconut milk, mixed seasonal vegetables and bamboo shoots.
48 Jungle Curry (Very hot)
A thrilling ride, this soup-like curry is traditionally made without coconut milk. Adding vegetables and peppercorns, it promises excitement and tastebud exhilaration!
50 Massaman Curry (Beef only)
The rich and earthy nature of Massaman curry, sweet coconut broth, flavouring the tender beef, potatoes and cashew nuts.
51 Massaman Lamb Shank with Potatoes
Simmering in the rich coconut milk broth flavoured with aromatic spices of star anise, cinnamon, cumin seeds, cashew nuts and served with potatoes.

Stirfry Noodles

52 Pad Thai
A family favourite, thin rice noodles, diced tofu, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts and sliced red onion and egg, tossed together. Give it a squeeze of lemon juice before taking a bite.
53 Pad See Ew
The richer flavours of soy and oyster sauce add body to the flat rice noodles tossed with seasonal vegetables and egg.
54 Chilli Basil Noodles
A sizzle of senses, flat rice noodles toss with egg, vegetables, chilli, garlic and fragrant basil leaves.

Cashew Nut Noodles

Stir-fried flat rice noodles with chilli jam, egg and vegetables. Dressed with cashew nuts.

56 Satay Noodles
A rich creamy flavours of ground peanuts and spices, stir-fried with flat rice noodles,mixed vegetables and egg.

Fried Rice

  Fried Rice with Egg (rice & egg only)
  Fried Rice with Chicken or Beef
  Fried Rice with Prawn


  Steamed Jasmine Rice
$3.5 per person
  Steamed Jasmine Rice with Peanut Sauce